Nobel Laureates

Japanese Nobel laureates

Year conferred Field Name Alma mater Position when the prize was conferred
2018 Physiology or Medicine

Tasuku Honjo

Kyoto University Distinguished professor and deputy director-general at the Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS), Kyoto University
2016 Physiology or Medicine

Yoshinori Ohsumi

The University of Tokyo Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2015 Physics

Takaaki Kajita

Saitama University

Professor, the University of Tokyo
Physiology or Medicine Satoshi Omura

University of Yamanashi

Professor Emeritus, Kitasato University
2014 Physics Isamu Akasaki Kyoto University Professor, Meijo University
Hiroshi Amano Nagoya University Professor, Nagoya University
Shuji Nakamura The University of Tokushima Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
2012 Physiology or Medicine Shinya Yamanaka Kobe University Professor, Kyoto University
2010 Chemistry Eiichi Negishi The University of Tokyo Distinguished Professor, Purdue University
Akira Suzuki Hokkaido University Emeritus Professor, Hokkaido University
2008 Physics Yoichiro Nambu The University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor, University of Chicago
Makoto Kobayashi Nagoya University Emeritus Professor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Maskawa Toshihide Nagoya University Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University
Chemistry Osamu Shimomura Nagasaki University Emeritus Professor, Boston University
2002 Chemistry Kouichi Tanaka Tohoku University Shimadzu Corporation
Physics Masatoshi Koshiba The University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor, the University of Tokyo
2001 Chemistry Ryoji Noyori Kyoto University Professor, Nagoya University
2000 Chemistry Hideki Shirakawa Tokyo Institute of Technology Emeritus Professor, University of Tsukuba
1994 Literature Kenzaburo Oe The University of Tokyo Novelist
1987 Physiology or Medicine Susumu Tonegawa Kyoto University Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1981 Chemistry Kenichi Fukui Kyoto University Professor, Kyoto University
1974 Peace Eisaku Sato The University of Tokyo Former Prime Minister
1973 Physics Reona Ezaki The 3rd Higher School / The University of Tokyo Senior Researcher, IBM Watson Research Center
1968 Literature Yasunari Kawabata The University of Tokyo Novelist
1965 Physics Sin‐itiro Tomonaga Kyoto University Professor, Tokyo University of Education
1949 Physics Hideki Yukawa Kyoto University Professor, Kyoto University