Japan Prize

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The Japan Prize is awarded to people from all parts of the world whose "original and outstanding achievements in science and technology are recognized as having advanced the frontiers of knowledge and served the cause of peace and prosperity for mankind".

Laureates from Kyoto University

Year of award Name Title and affiliation at the time of award Field Achievement
2005 (21st) Makoto Nagao
  • Professor Emeritus and Former President, Kyoto University
  • President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
Information and Media Technology Pioneering contributions to natural language processing and intelligent image processing

Masatoshi Takeichi

  • Visiting Professor, Kyoto University
  • Director, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
Cell Biology

Fundamental contribution in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of cell adhesion

2004 (20th) Kenichi Honda President, Tokyo Polytechnic University
(Formerly professor at the KyotoU Faculty of Engineering)
Chemical Technology for the Environment Pioneering work on photochemical catalysis and its application for the environment

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