Yoshinori Ohsumi awarded Honorary Doctorate, delivers special lecture (13 July 2017)

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On 13 July, Kyoto University presented an Honorary Doctorate to Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi, professor at the Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).

Kyoto University's Honorary Doctorate is awarded to those who have made 1) outstanding contributions to the University's education or research, or 2) exceptional achievements in science or culture that the University deems worthy of special recognition.

In the case of Professor Ohsumi, the Doctorate was awarded in recognition of the exceptional scientific achievements he had made over the years, most notably in autophagy research. He was also honored for the excellent work he did as a student at Kyoto; he spent two years at the KU Faculty of Science's Seibutsu Butsuri Gakka (department of biophysics) while enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Tokyo's School of Science.

Professor Ohsumi, who is also an honorary professor at Tokyo Tech, concluded the ceremony with a special lecture delivered to the capacity crowd.

President Yamagiwa (left) and Professor Ohsumi

Professor Ohsumi conversing with KU officials after the award ceremony

Professor Ohsumi lecturing

Professor Ohsumi sharing his advice for young people

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