Policy on Research Data Management and Sharing

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Kyoto University Policy on Research Data Management and Sharing

Kyoto Universityʼs mission states that we will generate world-class knowledge through freedom and autonomy in research that conforms with high ethical standards and, as a university committed to a broad social engagement, disseminate knowledge informed by the ideals of freedom and peaceful coexistence. Appropriately managing and preserving research data gathered and produced by research activities and sharing such data for further utilization equates to retaining and increasing the value of the data. By doing so, we will be able to achieve the above-mentioned mission and contribute to the development of academic research in a wide range of fields and harmonious coexistence within the human and ecological community on this planet.

Therefore, we have formulated the following policy on Research Data Management and  Sharing to contribute to the development of academic research and secure the sustainability of  research at Kyoto University. This policy serves as a general guideline in managing, preserving,  and sharing research data at Kyoto University, which is home to diverse research activities and  complements legal and ethical requirements specific to each research field.

  1. In this policy, research data is defined as the recorded information, both digital and non- digital,gathered or produced by the researchers of Kyoto University in the process of their research activities.
  2. The researchers of Kyoto University should be aware that Research Data Management, defined as managing and preserving research data appropriately, is indispensable in conducting research of a high standard.
  3. Kyoto University acknowledges that researchers who have gathered or produced research data in principle have the right and responsibility to implement Research Data Management. The researchers of Kyoto University implement Research Data Management in compliance with legal and ethical requirements in each research field for the purpose of retaining the value of research data.
  4. Kyoto University will promote the utilization of research data by sharing it to the greatest possible extent unless otherwise specified, based on the understanding that research data, along with academic theses, serves as a foundation of knowledge that contributes to the current and future development of scholarship and society.
  5. Kyoto University is responsible for providing the environment to support Research Data Management and sharing.

This policy will be reviewed as needed in response to changes in society and academic circumstances.

Approved by the Kyoto University Research Information Management Committee on 19 March 2020

The Policy and Supplementary explanation are made in Japanese and translated into English.
The Japanese text is the original and the English text is for reference purposes.

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