NOTICE: Tuition exemption for students affected by COVID-19 epidemic

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In light of the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its possible impact on its students, Kyoto University has reopened applications for 2020 first-semester tuition exemption as follows.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students unable to pay tuition due to financial difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic may qualify for a special scholarship/tuition exemption program offered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). Those interested are advised to visit the following page (in Japanese) and contact the Shogaku Gakari (Scholarship Section) of the KyotoU Student Affairs Division.

Applicants for this program may also apply for tuition exemption from Kyoto University through Monday 25 May 2020, following the procedures described in "How to apply for tuition exemption" below.

Graduate students

Graduate students who are unable to pay tuition due to financial difficulties arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, but who have not applied for tuition exemption as of now, may do so through Monday 25 May 2020. Application procedures are as follows.

How to apply for tuition exemption

Those unable to pay tuition due to COVID-19-related financial difficulties may apply for tuition exemption following the procedures described in the PDF document linked below, How to Apply for Admission Fee Exemption/Deferment and Tuition Exemption (for international students).

Application documents must be delivered by mail (in principle) to Shogaku Gakari, Student Affairs Division (address below), by Monday 25 May 2020 (late applications will not be accepted).

Applicants are asked to write on the front of the envelope, 授業料免除追加申請書類在中 ( Jugyo-ryo menjo tsuika shinsei shorui zaichu , or "Application documents for additional tuition exemption opportunities enclosed"), in red, and mail the package by simple registered mail ( kan-i kakidome ) or using other trackable methods.

The application process differs from the one described in How to Apply for Admission Fee Exemption/Deferment and Tuition Exemption, in that it does not include online registration (Step 1), and therefore does not require submission of the printed-out "Application form" and the "List of required documents", which are listed on the file’s page 13 as two of the four "required documents for all applicants (must)".

Application documents must instead include a record showing a decrease in income attributable to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Questions and inquiries concerning the required documents must be directed to Shogaku Gakari, Student Affairs Division.

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