Kyodai-ryoku, Shin-kiten- Illuminating the Future -2022 - the 125th anniversary of Kyoto UniversityKyodai-ryoku,Shin-kiten- Illuminating the Future -2022 - the 125th anniversaryof Kyoto University



2022 heralds Kyoto University's 125th Anniversary, a bright beginning for exploring new academic frontiers.

With a vibrant sensitivity emanating from Japanese love of nature, in a perpetual quest for innovation grounded on a reverence for classical tradition, drawing on the natural wisdom and human heritage of Kyoto's 1200 years as capital of Japan, Kyoto University boldly pursues not only scientific truth but also solutions to global problems.

Kyoto University offers unique educational and research opportunities;
by ever expanding its international exchange and accelerating its social outreach,
Kyoto University contributes to the harmonious coexistence of world society.

Exploring the origin of radianceExploring the origin of radiance

KyotoU's Shin-kitenKyotoU's Shin-kiten

Alumni bringing excellence to the fields of business, art, and public service share their recollections of student life, as well as how their KyotoU experiences are manifested in their work.

  1. Naoto KatoNaoto Kato
  2. Oussouby SackoOussouby Sacko
An history of innovationAn history of innovation

Rediscovering KyotoURediscovering KyotoU

Kyoto University's history is marked by steady advances in a wide range of disciplines, with succeeding generations of researchers making globally important discoveries and developing unique insights into new frontiers of knowledge. Here we explore the roots of these fields, their current state, and future possibilities.

  1. Rediscovering KyotoU law Law: A liaison with society and the worldRediscovering KyotoU law Law: A liaison with society and the world

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    17 March 2022

  2. Rediscovering KyotoU medicine Shaping the future of medicine and healthcare through cutting-edge knowledge creationRediscovering KyotoU medicine Shaping the future of medicine and healthcare through cutting-edge knowledge creation

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    6 January 2022

Commemorative projectsCommemorative projects

The 125th anniversary will feature a series of special projects heralding a new beginning for the University. These center around the pillars of global competitiveness, research capability, and public engagement, aiming to produce outstanding leaders capable of applying Kyodai-ryoku to the promotion of world-leading scholarship.

You can help usYou can help us

Kyoto University accepts donations through its Kyoto University Fund (KUF)
to support these anniversary initiatives, bolstering human capital development
and the long-term enhancement of Kyodai-ryoku.