University Flag

The university song and flag were established in 1940. Inspired by the "Imperial Rescript for Young Students" issued by the Emperor in 1939, the lyrics of the song and the flag design were selected from pieces written and designed by students of the Kyoto Imperial University, as it was known in those days.


The university flag is raised on occasions such as the following:

A photo of the university flag
  1. Entrance Ceremony
  2. Graduation Ceremony
  3. Commencement Ceremony
  4. Ceremony to award long standing employees
  5. Ceremony to confer the title of professor emeritus
  6. eremony to Exchange name cards at the beginning of the new year

Meeting place scenery of the ceremony

A photo of the ceremony when the university song and flag were established

Photograph taken at the ceremony for the establishment of the university song and flag on 11 February 1940 in the 2nd Floor main auditorium of the Clock Tower (now the International Conference Hall) *Photographs from the Kyoto University Archives

A photo of the graduation ceremony in 2004

Graduation ceremony held on 24 March 2004 at the Sports Gymnasium