Kyoto University Hakubi Project to Foster and Support Young Researchers

Research activities at universities are driven by researchers' unlimited inspiration, intellectual curiosity, and enthusiasm in the quest for truth. Promoting research activities therefore entails developing human resources with extraordinary creativity, originality, and a challenging spirit, in a wide variety of academic fields.

Fostering such human resources is essential for Kyoto University. In response to the progress of globalization, it is particularly important to nurture human resources to develop superb creativity, as well as a broad perspective and flexible mindset, all of which are important to be able to pioneer new academic frontiers. With this view in mind, the University has launched the Hakubi Project to foster and support young researchers, in addition to augmenting efforts in various existing initiatives taken by individual faculties and schools. With the Hakubi Project, the university will appoint promising young researchers as program-specific faculty members (associate professor/assistant with an annual salary) and support their research activities on topics of their own choice.