27 Jun 2018
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Video and image archive now online: KyU Tube Bio

Collection of works from zoology, botany, and biophysics

Kyoto University's Graduate School of Science's division of biological science is pleased to announce KyU Tube Bio, an image and video archive collected from the departments of zoology, botany, and biophysics.

The University has an extensive history of domestic and international field and laboratory work, but until now much of the related data was inaccessible, hidden away in a professor's personal drive or a lab's server.

With funding from the 2017 Presidential Fund, a team began a project to systematically collect, sort, and manage this footage and build a public archive for researchers and the general public. The project is aiming to help promote education and study of the diversity of life on our planet.

Each video and image is accompanied by a simple explanation and metadata including keywords, location, date of creation, and video settings along with the scientific name of the organism. Currently, 102 videos and 156 images have been uploaded, with more planned.

The University hopes that KyU Tube Bio will be a useful tool in providing study and teaching materials to both researchers and students across the globe.


One such picture from the archive, a Labord's chameleon (Furcifer labordi). (Tsutomu Hikida, / Jun Moriyama)

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