15th Tachibana Award for Outstanding Women Researchers: winners and award ceremony announced

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The Kyoto University Tachibana Award for Outstanding Women Researchers was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional achievements by the institution's early-career women researchers.

The University is pleased to announce that it has selected the winners of the 15th Tachibana Award and Honorable Mention Award and will hold a ceremony to celebrate their achievements on Monday 6 March 2023, as detailed below.

1. About the Award

The Tachibana Award for the Most Outstanding Female Researcher was established in 2008 to acknowledge outstanding research achievements by early-career female researchers at Kyoto University.

By publicly acknowledging women who have made outstanding achievements in academic research regardless of the research field, the Tachibana Award aims to motivate not only the awardees themselves, but also others following in their footsteps. In this way, the award seeks to help foster the development of accomplished female scholars who will lead the future of academic research, both at Kyoto University and nationwide.

2. 15th Award selection process

There were a total of 32 applicants, 16 in the student category and 16 in the researcher category.

The winners were selected through a two-stage process by a committee comprised of nine members and chaired by Dr Kyoko Inagaki, Kyoto University's executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and external affairs.

3. 15th Award winners

Tachibana Award (for Outstanding Women Researchers)

Student category

Mai KATADA, 2nd-year doctoral student, Graduate School of Science
"Study on actions of automorphism groups of free groups on spaces of Jacobi diagrams in which quantum link invariants take values"

Researcher category

Masumi YAMADA, Associate Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)
"Real-time hazard monitoring using seismometers"

Honorable Mention Award

Student category

  • Noriko KURATA, 3rd-year doctoral student, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies
    "Forced Evacuation in Modern Times: The Case of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Building Evacuation in WW II"
  • Yuriko SUGIYAMA, 5th-year doctoral student, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS)
    "To analyze how hunter-gatherer Bushmen have coped and are coping with death in the social changes"

Researcher category

Tomoko SAKAI, Associate Professor, Institute for Research in Humanities
"An anthropological study of experiences and memories of conflict and disaster: Focusing on their physical and everyday aspects"

4. Award ceremony

The ceremony and research presentations by the Tachibana Award winners can be viewed live online by registering via the form below.

Date and time

Monday 6 March 2023, 14:00–15:00


Online (Zoom webinar)




Use the following form:
Registration form to watch the award ceremony

Registration deadline

17:00 on Friday 3 March 2023


14:00–14:05 Opening speech
Executive Vice-President for Gender Equality, International Affairs, and External Affairs
Kyoto University
14:05–14:15 Presentation of award certificates and Wacoal Prizes
14:15–14:25 Presidential address
Dr Nagahiro MINATO, Kyoto University President
14:25–14:35 Congratulatory speech by the distinguished guest
Representative Director, President, and CEO
Wacoal Corporation
14:35–14:55 Research presentations by the Tachibana Award winners
  • Student category: Mai KATADA
  • Researcher category: Masumi YAMADA
14:55–15:00 Closing speech
Executive Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs
Kyoto University

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