Application for first-semester tuition exemption for the 2020-2021 academic year

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Kyoto University will accept applications for tuition exemption for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year as outlined below.

1. Application process and schedule

The application process consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1) Data submission (family details) via the Exemption Online Application System (EOAS)*
  • Step 2) Application (document submission)

* EOAS is accessible via the Kyoto University Liberal Arts Syllabus Information System (KULASIS).


  • Each step must be completed during the period specified below.
  • Failure to complete either step in time will result in disqualification; late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Step 1: Data submission


Friday 13 March 12:00 – Sunday 5 April 17:00


  • Applicants for admission fee exemption/deferment must have completed the pre-application procedure before this step.
  • Step 1 must be completed during the above period in order to proceed to Step 2.

How to apply

Current students

Registration via EOAS (accessible from "Links" on the KULASIS top page)

New graduate students*

Registration via EOAS (accessible from "Financial aid" on the "New students' site"


  • Beginning on Wednesday 1 April 8:30, EOAS should be accessed via "Links" on the KULASIS top page (those who completed Step 1 by this time [via the "New students' site"] need not reapply).
  • Early registration is recommended to avoid heavy online traffic near the deadline.
* The "new graduate students" here include those graduating from a Kyoto University Faculty

Step 2: Application (document submission)


Monday 6 April 9:00 – Friday 10 April 17:00

(Mailed documents must arrive no later than the end of the business day on 10 April.

How to apply

Obtain the specified envelope, label it as instructed, enclose the required documents in it, and submit it to the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school or the Student Affairs Division.

2. Eligibility

Eligible applicants are regular undergraduate and graduate students who:

  1. have excellent academic records who find it difficult to pay tuition fees due to economic reasons,
  2. find it extremely difficult to pay tuition fees because the individual chiefly responsible for their academic expenses ("Academic Expense Supporter") has passed away, or the students themselves or their Academic Expense Supporter have suffered major damage from wind, flood, or other disasters within six months prior to the payment due date, or
  3. have circumstance(s) that are deemed by Kyoto University President to be comparable to 2).


Students who have received disciplinary action within six months prior to the start of the semester or at the time of the application are ineligible. If a student receives disciplinary action after applying, that student's application will be invalidated.

3. Application results

Results will be announced on EOAS around late July 2020.

4. Other

  • Detailed guidelines will be posted on the Kyoto University website in the middle of February.
  • Any changes to the above information will be announced via notices from the Student Affairs Division.


Student Affairs Division, Education Promotion and Student Support Department
Phone: 075-753-2532