Graduate School of Economics' "Programme for Special Exchange Students (Winter Term 2017/2018)" (4 December 2017 - 2 February 2018)

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As part of its "Programme for Special Exchange Students", the Graduate School of Economics enrolled from 4 December 2017 through 2 February 2018 eight students in its International Graduate Course for East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies (East Asia Course). The program was co-supported by Kyoto University as a Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Program, and the participants were from three of the Graduate School's numerous student-exchange partners: Thammasat University (Faculty of Economics and Pridi Banomyong International College) and Chiang Mai University (Faculty of Economics), Thailand, and Gadjah Mada University (Faculty of Economics and Business), Indonesia.

Together with regular East Asia Course students, participants attended lectures by faculty of the host school as well as those by Specially-Appointed Professors of the Social Sciences and Humanities Unit for the Top Global Course. They also took part in a fieldtrip, held as part of the Field Research in Japan course, joining regular students in visiting the Kyoto Central Wholesale Food Market, and gaining deeper understanding of economic development and sustainability.

One of the East Asia Course lectures

At the Kyoto Central Wholesale Food Market

At the orientation

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