Promotion of internationalization

For Kyoto University, the promotion of internationalization is a key part of its efforts to provide comprehensive education while developing high-impact research. Guided by the principles and values of the University and aiming to promote its own internationalization process, the International Strategy Office Kyoto University ( iSO-KU ) produced the "Kyoto University Basic Concept for Internationalization : Bridging the world through excellence" as a blueprint that brings together leadership and innovation in the strive towards an internationally inclusive, welcoming, and safe university.

The Basic Concept represents a leap forward in the aspirations and resolution of the University to further advance previous and current internationalization efforts. It serves as a guiding star, giving a consistent direction to the University as a whole in the realization of its vision for the future, focusing on three main pillars — education, research, and relation with society — in terms of contributing towards a harmonious coexistence­.

The Basic Concept for Internationalization consists of a preface introducing the University and its context, followed by three visions with their respective pathways for accomplishment on education, research, and contribution to society, relying on solid support provided by the University's management and administration.

The Basic Concept is to be shared widely by all the stakeholders around the University, together with concrete examples of the pertinent endeavors already in practice. With the Basic Concept as a guiding principle, iSO-KU is dedicated not only to promoting internationalization of the University on campus and beyond, but also to developing conceptual schemes into more effective and substantial initiatives, by sharing experiences, knowledge, and insights with University members, while allowing ample space for adjustments and updates.

In order for the University to smoothly promote effective internationalization in education, research, and contribution to society, it is essential that all its community members share an understanding of the significance of this endeavor, and a commitment to pursuing world-leading excellence in education, research, and management, based on high standards of expertise and supported by refined management. Working closely with academic and administrative members under the shared umbrella of the Basic Concept, iSO-KU aspires to play the role of a driving force to further promote internationalization of the University.

In the area of education , iSO-KU actively promotes both outbound and inbound mobility of students. iSO-KU offers support for Japanese students seeking to go abroad through its management of the University's short-term programs (available in Japanese) , while also lead ing the operations of the International Admissions Assistance Office .

I n research, iSO-KU plays a major role in : the support provided by the University's Regional Centers in ASEAN , Europe , and North America ; the work carried out by KyotoU's network of On-site labs ; and the implementation of KyotoU's Strategic Partnerships plan.

In the area of social impact and engagement, iSO-KU has taken a leading role within the University in bringing together efforts and initiatives by all members in terms of University Social Responsibility and the University's interactions with and contributions to the USR Network .