Student Lounge KIZUNA presents kabuki music class

From 14:00 to around 16:00
Registration required
Registration required
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The August KIZUNA event is a kabuki music class, taught by professional shamisen instructors from Kantakeno no Kai, which used to offer lessons at the Kyoto International Community House and other locations. KIZUNA has presented similar events in the past with great success.

The shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument featured in kabuki and other forms of Japanese traditional music. Participants will first listen to a kabuki music performance (with nagauta singing) and then practice the shamisen under professional guidance. The goal is to master a simple song.

The class will be beginner-friendly with all necessary implements, including shamisen and plectra, provided at the venue.

This will be a great opportunity to experience a Japanese traditional performing art and make new friends.

Basic info

  • Current Students & Staff
Kyoto University students
Max attendees
First 20 people
Free of charge



Please send an email with the following details to KIZUNA (address below) in advance:

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