Student Lounge KIZUNA presents "Let’s Make Cloth Sandals (Nuno-Zouri)!"

From 14:00 to around 16:00
Registration required
Registration required
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The KIZUNA event for July 2019 is a nuno-zouri (cloth sandal) workshop.

Nuno-zouri, or nuno zori, are a modern twist on traditional rice-straw footwear. These cloth sandals were originally made of leftover fabric, an example of traditional values of never wasting resources.

In the upcoming workshop, participants will weave strings of cloth into colorful and original sandals.

Nuno-zouri support the foot with a thong between the toes, promoting good health. Made of soft and light material, they also offer a quality of comfort that is ideal for Japanese summers.

This will be a great opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese craft and make new friends. KIZUNA looks forward to your participation.

Basic info

  • Current Students & Staff
Kyoto University students
Max attendees
First 15 people
Free of charge



Please email the following to KIZUNA (address below) in advance:

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Registration will close when capacity is reached.
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