Student Lounge KIZUNA presents Origami Workshop

From 13:00 to around 15:00
Registration required
Registration required
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The KIZUNA event for February is an origami workshop, taught by professional instructors from Okoshiyasu Origami, which offers classes at the Kyoto Prefectural International Center and other venues.

Origami is the Japanese traditional art of paper folding. Originally a form of recreation for children, it is now an internationally appreciated art form, and some of the techniques involved have found industrial applications worldwide.

Students traveling abroad can use these techniques to amaze and delight others with elaborate paper models.

The event will be a great opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture and get to know other students.
KIZUNA looks forward to your participation.

Basic info

  • Current Students & Staff
Kyoto University students
Max attendees
First 15 people
Free of charge


Please email the following to KIZUNA (address below):
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  • Faculty, Graduate School, or other affiliation, and the year you are in
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Registration will close when capacity is reached.
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