Student Lounge KIZUNA presents kabuki music class

From 14:00 to around 16:00
Registration required
Registration required
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The March KIZUNA event is a kabuki music class taught by professional shamisen instructors from Kantakeno no Kai, which offers lessons at the Kyoto International Community House and other locations. KIZUNA presented a similar event last October with great success.

The shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument used in kabuki and other forms of Japanese traditional music. Participants will first listen to a kabuki music performance (Nagauta) and then practice the shamisen under professional guidance. The goal is to master a simple song.

The class will be beginner-friendly with all necessary implements, including shamisen and plectra, provided at the venue.
This will be a great opportunity to experience a Japanese traditional performing art and make new friends. KIZUNA looks forward to your participation.

Basic info

  • Current Students & Staff
Kyoto University students and researchers
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First 20 people
Free of charge



Please send an email with the following details to KIZUNA (address below) in advance.

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Tuesday 14 March 2017
Registration will close when capacity is reached
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