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1. I'm looking for information on professors and researchers at Kyoto University.

A large number of unique and outstanding researchers are engaged in education and research at Kyoto University. The Activity Database on Education and Research is a search system making publicly available a wide range of information on those researchers, including their areas of specialty and achievements.

The Kyoto University Research Information Repository, on the other hand, permanently stores digital intellectual products (academic information such as published papers, graduation theses, preprints, scientific research expense reports, results of the Center of Excellence [COE] program research, lecture materials, teaching materials, and academic conference presentations) produced at the University, and publishes them online for anyone to read free of charge. The collection includes the theses that led to KyotoU Professor Emeritus Toshihide Maskawa receiving a Nobel Prize in Physics and Professor Shinya Yamanaka receiving a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

2. Does Kyoto University have online courses?

The University does not have correspondence (distance) learning programs offering degrees or credits. It does, however, make actual lecture materials available online free of charge as part of its efforts to open avenues for learning and development.