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28 Feb 2018
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International Exchange with Chinese Top Class Students Aiming for Research Competency Enhancement (28 January - 8 February 2018)

From January 28 through February 8, the Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) held a 12-day winter-school program under the Kyoto University Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Program, entitled "International Exchange with Chinese Top Class Students Aiming for Research Competency Enhancement". Fourteen undergraduate students took part: four from Peking University, five from Qinghua University, and five from Zhejiang University. For the duration of this program, the participants were accepted into 11 GSA laboratories, including those headed by Professors Motoki Akitsu, Kiyoshi Yasukawa, and Naoshi Kondo, while being enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture.

With their laboratory training, the students attended lectures by Professor Kondo to learn about Japanese agricultural technologies and the global food situation. They also learned about cultural topics from lectures delivered by Associate Professors Liyou Han and Shikiko Yukawa of the KU Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS).

The program also offered opportunities to experience Japanese culture, such as tea ceremonies, kimono-dressing, and a lecture and hands-on session on tofu-making. In addition, participants took part in fieldtrips to a michi-no-eki ("roadside station") and other sites to learn about the distribution of agricultural products in Japan.

Throughout the program, the students constantly interacted with the faculty and members of their host laboratories, discussing research and developing a deep understanding of the topics covered.

The winter school concluded with a presentation session, where the participants reported on what they had learned through these varied experiences.

Learning how to make tofu

Special lecture on traditional Japanese tea culture

Final presentations

After the presentations

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