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17 May 2017
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Primate Research Institute accepting donations

Kyoto University is accepting donations through the Kyoto University Fund (KUF) to help finance its education, research, and public service activities. In addition to the General Purpose Fund, dedicated to supporting efforts related to student assistance, research promotion, and public service, KUF operates a broad range of Special Purpose Funds, through which donors can contribute to specific programs, departments, or activities.

Among these special-purpose funds is the Primate Research Fund, recently established to support the Kyoto University Primate Research Institute (PRI).

Now in its 50th year, PRI -- Japan's only comprehensive center of primate research -- intends to utilize the donations it receives to improve its research and animal care environments. They also hope to implement a number of public relations and outreach initiatives to advance the Japan-born science of primatology.

Kyoto University appreciates your support for the Primate Research Fund.



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