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26 Oct 2016
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Academic Day 2016 (18 September 2016)

On 18 September, Kyoto University Academic Day 2016 took place at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, featuring 57 projects by 195 researchers, graduate students, and four by local high schools. Around 420 visitors attended, in spite of an approaching typhoon.

Launched six years ago as part of the University's wide-ranging efforts to promote "public engagement in science and technology", Academic Day annually introduces the general public to the joys of academic pursuit across diverse disciplines through face-to-face interaction with researchers. For presenters, the occasion is an opportunity to explain their projects in accessible terms, and gain feedback that may be incorporated into their future endeavors.

The 2016 event was co-organized by Kyoto University's Research Promotion Division, Research Administration Office (KURA), and "public engagement in science and technology" working group, comprising four programs: "Chatting with Researchers" consisting of poster presentations on diverse projects, "Face-to-Face Around a Chabudai" with visitors and researchers sitting together around a Japanese-style tea table, "Discussions over Tea" inviting visitors to join a discussion on a specific topic, and "Researchers' Bookshelves" presenting reading recommendations, creating opportunities for interaction throughout the venue. There was also a "watering station for marathon conversationers" offering beverages.

The results of the visitor survey indicated a high level of satisfaction, and included many interesting suggestions that the organizers may incorporate into future programs.

The event venue

"Chatting with Researchers"

Visitors taking part in the "Discussions over Tea"