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26 Sep 2016
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14th iPS Cell/Regenerative Medicine Study Seminar held at KU Hospital (1 July 2016)

On 1 July, Kyoto University Hospital hosted the 14th iPS Cell/Regenerative Medicine Study Seminar at Shiran Kaikan. The Hospital launched the Seminar in 2009 as part of its efforts to promote development and applications of regenerative medicine research based on stem cells -- embryonic, somatic, and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells -- as a contribution to the advancement of medicine. In attendance were over 100 individuals, most of whom were medical professionals from Kyoto University and elsewhere.

Hospital Director Nobuya Inagaki delivered opening remarks, followed by Dr Tomonobu Koizumi, head of Astellas Pharma's Regenerative Medicine Labs, discussing his company's efforts in regenerative medicine.

Academic lectures were then given by three KU scientists: "Analyzing Congenital Immunodeficiency Disorders Using iPS Cells" by Associate Professor Megumu Saitou, Department of Clinical Application, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA); "Investigating the Mechanism of Adrenocortical Cell Development and Differentiation Using Human iPS Cells" by Program-Specific Associate Professor (Endowed Chair of Metabolic Medicine) Masakatsu Sone, Graduate School of Medicine; and "Developing Drug Treatments for Hereditary Tumors Using Disease-Specific iPS Cells" by Program-Specific Associate Professor (DSK Project) Eijiro Nakamura, Medical Innovation Center, Graduate School of Medicine.

Finally, Dr Momokazu Gotoh, professor of urology at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, delivered a special lecture on the School's development of regenerative therapies for lower urinary tract dysfunction.

KU Hospital Director Inagaki opening the seminar

Nagoya University Professor Gotoh delivering the special lecture