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International Workshop on Clean Energy Development in Asian Cities

The second International Workshop on Clean Energy Development in Asian Cities will take place Wednesday 22 February, featuring case studies of successful clean-energy solutions in cities in India, China, and Japan.

The organizers hope that the event will lead to the establishment of a research community focused on the studies of policies, technologies, data, and other aspects of urban clean energy.
  • Wednesday 22 February 2017
Time 10:00-17:50
Place W-503E, Institute of Advanced Energy, Main Building, 5th floor, Kyoto University Uji Campus
Intended for Students and researchers

The first International Workshop on Clean Energy Development in Asian Cities, held in 2016 at the Institute of Advanced Energy, created a knowledge-sharing environment in which interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration led to the identification of numerous challenges and possibilities.

This second event is intended to encourage in-depth discussion between scientists and policymakers on successfully implemented clean-energy solutions in Asian cities, possibly leading to new collaborations in clean-energy development. Case studies will be presented in the context of the  following topics:

  • How can clean-energy planning contribute to urban resilience and sustainability?

  • Which initiatives are most promising? What are their policy implications?

  • What rules should local governments follow in deploying clean-energy policies in cities?

  • What are the main drivers and challenges in clean-energy development?

  • What are the key international experiences for clean-energy development?

Registration Not required.
Inquiries Hooman Farzaneh
Jr Associate Professor, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
Email: hooman.farzaneh.2v* (Please replace * with @)

Sasha Yoshioka
Coordinator, Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA)
Email: sasha-y* (Please replace * with @)
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Organized by the Unit of Academic Knowledge Integration Studies of Kyoto University