Celebration ceremony held for Kyoto iUP's 2023–2024 academic-year graduates

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On 28 March 2024, this year's celebration ceremony for Kyoto iUP's graduating class took place at the Yoshida International House with attendees including the faculty and staff involved in supporting the students with their studies and life.

The event commenced with remarks from Professor Hiroshi Kokubu, Kyoto University's executive vice president for education, student affairs, and admissions, who encouraged the graduates to take pride in the fact that they had earned their degrees after overcoming numerous challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic. He also expressed hope that they will go on to serve as bridges between their home countries and Japan and beyond, drawing on both their experiences at Kyoto and the knowledge they will acquire over the coming years.

Professor Hisashi Miyagawa, director of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS), then delivered a celebratory message, congratulating the students and wishing them all the best in contributing to society and spreading the spirit of Kyoto iUP in their respective fields of endeavor.

The graduates followed with acknowledgement speeches, thanking their professors, friends, and Kyoto iUP staff for helping them navigate the pandemic and other difficulties as well as experience a wonderful university journey. They also shared their joy at having mastered the Japanese language and achieved personal growth through their time at university. Additionally, they mentioned their career aspirations, such as working at a Japanese company and studying in graduate school.

Afterward, two junior students, both in their third-year, delivered farewell speeches on behalf of their and later-year classes. They thanked the graduates for encouraging them in their studies and helping them through difficult times, before expressing their expectations for their seniors' future achievements across the globe.

Lastly, Professor Shinji Hasebe, Kyoto iUP's program manager, offered his closing remarks, congratulating the graduates and urging them to keep in touch with the Kyoto iUP office and stay connected with the University as a whole.

The nine graduates will join the Kyoto University iUP Alumni Association ("Kyoto iUP Alumni"), a community that is expected to grow as more graduates join and enrich regular events, helping members maintain connections with their peers, current students, and the University. Kyoto iUP Alumni is also anticipated to act as a network that graduates can utilize for their career advancement.

Kyoto iUP will continue to support its former students with the goal of ensuring a bright and fruitful future for all.

ILAS Director Miyagawa
EVP Kokubu
Kyoto iUP graduates speaking
One of the junior students delivering a farewell speech
Kyoto iUP Program Manager Hasebe
Ceremony participants

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