Call for applications: Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Project 'Women Scholar Challenge Project' FY2024

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As part of its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, Kyoto University aims to create a university environment in which female students can fully demonstrate leadership and initiative in research activities.

The Women Scholar Challenge Project aims to encourage female students to build on their own curiosity and spirit of inquiry to explore the enjoyment of research and take on new challenges through interacting and collaborating with people who have diverse perspectives different from their own. Kyoto University supports students with such a challenging spirit.

Application guidelines and form

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Eligibility requirements

The applicant must be the team leader of a research group consisting of two or more members, and must be a female student (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled at Kyoto University.


A scholarship of up to 1 million yen will be awarded for each project selected.

Implementation period

1 July 2024 – 28 February 2025

Application deadline

Monday 13 May 2024

Submission method

Please use the Google form below to submit the required information and application form (MS Word)*.

FY 2024 Women Scholar Challenge Project Application Form

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Submissions and inquiries

Diversity Promotion Section, Staff Development Division, Personnel Department, Kyoto University
Email: g-e* (replace * with @)

FY2023 winners and projects (for reference)

Name Class year and affiliation Project
Suhyun Kim 3rd-year doctoral, Graduate School of Letters International Forum: Hearing the Opinions of Women in the Film Industry: Filmmaking Labor Environment and Trends in Japan and Korea
Yuna Nishimura 1st-year master's, Graduate School of Letters Rediscovering the challenges and values of medicinal crop cultivation and sharing them with local communities: With an understanding of the parties involved in the crop production field
Rika Naitou 2nd-year doctoral, Graduate School of Informatics Survey of Food Addiction in Japan
Miyabi Ohtubo 2nd-year doctoral, Graduate School of Science Research on integrated ecology at all levels of hierarchy: The Future of Ecology Pioneered by Linking Genes to Ecosystems
Yotuha Isobe 2nd-year doctoral, Graduate School of Medicine Considerations on Reproductive Health of Women Patients with Intractable Diseases: Perspectives from the Working Generation
Reika Abe 4th-year, Faculty of Engineering Building an AIAM Psychological Model for Workshop Design to Promote Women's Interest in Engineering
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