Disaster Prevention Online Lecture held for international students

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On 6 and 15 June, Kyoto University and the Kyoto Prefectural International Center (KPIC) co-hosted an online lecture on disaster prevention for newly enrolled international students.

The University and KPIC have held disaster-preparedness events every year since 2018 as part of an international student guidance program to help those eligible prepare for the types of natural disasters that can strike Kyoto, such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods.

The June 2023 lecture drew a total of 66 participants over two days — 45 on the 6th and 21 on the 15th — and covered topics including Japan's disaster warning system, evacuation centers, emergency calls, emergency kits, and useful resources such as websites and smartphone applications.

Many of the participants expressed satisfaction with the program, saying that they now understand the steps they can take to effectively prepare for and respond to emergencies as well as the importance of constantly striving to improve their preparedness.

The next lecture is scheduled for fall 2023.

Lecture in progress
Some lecture participants