FY2022 Degree Conferment Ceremony (24 March 2023)

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On 24 March, the FY2022 Degree Conferment Ceremony took place at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall 'Miyako Messe' with the attendance of the University's executive vice-president for education and student affairs as well as relevant deans and directors.

The degrees conferred were 2,193 master's degrees, 176 professional master's degrees, 116 juris doctor degrees, and 541 doctoral degrees, the last of which were issued 24 November 2022, 23 January 2023, and 23 March 2023, 498 for coursework and 43 for dissertations.

The doctorate recipients included 13 graduates of the Leading Graduate School Programs, inaugurated in 2012, and 14 graduates of the Doctoral Programs for World-Leading Innovative and Smart Education (WISE Programs), which began in 2018.

The ceremony featured an address by President Nagahiro Minato, delivered after presenting a diploma to each student representative.

Degrees conferred: