KIZUNA presents 'Visit Japanese Arts in Kyoto' (17 February 2023)

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Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA's February 2023 event was 'Visit Japanese Arts in Kyoto', held on Friday the 17th featuring a visit to a local art museum.

The destination was Shokoku Temple's Jotenkaku Museum, where participants viewed, among other artworks, two pieces by Edo-period painter Ito Jakuchu: Musa Basjoo on a Moonlit Night and Grapes and Small Birds. Earlier in the day the students attended a lecture by a KIZUNA tutor majoring in Japanese art history, gaining background knowledge about the paintings and learning about their notable features. This helped create a highly engaging museum experience for the participants, who viewed each artwork with keen interest and actively shared their impressions and observations. The event, the first of its kind to be run by a KIZUNA tutor, thus proved a great success for everyone involved.

Lecture in session
Lecture on Japanese art by a KIZUNA tutor
Visiting Jotenkaku Museum

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