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Kyodai Collaborative, a non-profit organization established by KyotoU alumni residing in North America, is hosting a logo design contest as outlined below.

1. Overview

Kyodai Collaborative is inviting talented students, artists, and community members to design its logo. For full contest rules and the selection process, visit:
Kyodai Collaborative: For Friends of Kyoto University North America Branch

What's Kyodai Collaborative?

Kyodai Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit "Friends of" organization established in 2020 in Washington DC. While independent of Kyoto University, it is dedicated to advancing the University's commitment to academic excellence through education, research, and the development of diverse leadership.

Kyodai Collaborative's main goals are to:

  • "Promote Kyoto University by highlighting research and international collaborations in diverse fields through Webinars"
  • "Empower the next generation of Kyoto University students with the skills and networks they need to thrive in an increasingly globalized society through the Kingfisher Global Leadership Program"
  • "Grow overseas audiences and support for Kyoto University in the North American region through our webinar and leadership development programming"

Kyoto University is supporting Kyodai Collaborative with the above activities through its North American Center, as part of its efforts to promote the international mobility of its students, faculty, and staff.

2. Range of use

The selected logo will be used online, in print, and on promotional materials.

3. Eligibility/number of entries per contestant

  • The contest is open to individuals only; it is not open to companies, educational institutions and organizations, or any other groups associated with such entities.
  • Contestants may work in groups; however, the award will be given to only one (1) individual or team.
  • Each contestant may submit no more than two (2) designs.
  • KyotoU faculty and staff members are eligible for the contest, but are not allowed to work on the project during their office hours.

4. How to enter

Visit the Kyodai Collaborative website below and read the Official Logo Contest Rules, including the Submission Guidelines. Entries not conforming to the Guidelines will be rejected.
Kyodai Collaborative: For Friends of Kyoto University North America Branch

5. Where to submit entries

Kyodai Collaborative
contact* (replace * with @)

6. Deadline

Midnight on Monday 31 January 2022 EST (UTC-05:00)
(14:00 on Tuesday 1 February 2022 JST [UTC+09:00])

7. Selection and prize

The winning design will be selected by Kyodai Collaborative's Board of Directors and be announced on the organization's website. The winner will be notified of the result to via email. The prize is a T-shirt printed with the selected logo, to be presented to the designer or each member of the design team.

8. Notice

9. Contact

  • Kyodai Collaborative
    contact* (replace * with @)
  • Kyoto University International Affairs Division
    Email: northamericancenter* (replace * with @)