Call for applications: 14th Tachibana Award

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8 November 2021
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UPDATE (8 November 2021): Application guidelines updated

The Kyoto University Tachibana Award for Outstanding Women Researchers was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional achievements by the University's early-career women researchers. Through publicly honoring women who have produced outstanding work, the Award aims to further motivate not only the awardees but also others following in their footsteps, thereby helping to foster the development of accomplished women scholars who will lead academic research into the future.

Applications for the 14th Tachibana Award can be made as follows.

Application guidelines (updated 8 November 2021) PDF  
Application form (Form No 1) PDF Word
Research summary (Form No 2) PDF Word
Recommendation letter (Form No 3) PDF Word

Application period

1-30 November 2021 (until 17:00)

Submissions and inquiries

Diversity Promotion Section, Staff Development Division, Personnel Department, Kyoto University
Phone: 075-753-2059
Email: g-e* (replace * with @)

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