EVP Tokitoh participates in the online Global University President’s Forum on the Role of Universities in the 2030 Agenda (24 March 2021)

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The Global University Presidents' Forum on the Role of Universities in the 2030 Agenda, organized by Zhejiang University, was held online on 24 March 2021. Professor Norihiko Tokitoh, executive vice-president for research, evaluation, and industry-government-academia collaboration, participated in the forum on behalf of Kyoto University. In a session titled "Advancing Scientific Collaboration", Professor Tokitoh delivered a presentation about Kyoto University's efforts to advance the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The forum participants issued a joint statement on the 2030 Agenda, and it is anticipated that the forum will help promote academic collaboration contributing to the SDGs.

The announcement of the Joint Statement on the 2030 Agenda
The online forum, held via Zoom

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