FY2020 President's Award ceremony (17 March 2021)

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On 17 March, Kyoto University hosted a ceremony to honor the FY2020 winners of the President's Award, which annually recognizes students who have contributed to the institution's goal of excellence through achievements in scholarship, extracurricular activities, or public service.

The FY2020 awardees were selected from a pool of 18 nominees and comprised of four individuals and two groups: three individuals and one group in the scholarship category and one individual and one group in the extracurricular category.

At the ceremony, shortened due to the pandemic, President Nagahiro Minato presented each winner with a certificate and prize before sharing his thoughts on the 2020-2021 selection. The students then briefly described their respective achievements in a relaxed atmosphere, shortly after which the event ended on a high note.

One of the awardees, left, receiving a certificate from President Minato
Ceremony participants

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