KIZUNA hosts online rakugo show featuring Sayohime (16 September 2020)

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Student Lounge KIZUNA's online event for September was an English rakugo show featuring Sayohime, an accomplished performer active mainly in the Kansai region, and who had previously made numerous appearances at KIZUNA with great success.

The September 2020 event began with a brief lecture by the artist herself, who outlined the origins of rakugo using slides, and explained the concept of ochi (punchline), before demonstrating how to use a sensu (folding fan) and tenugui (hand towel) as props.

Following this introduction, she gave an English performance of a classic story "Samurai (Yadoyagataki)", a humorous drama set in an Edo-period inn that can serve as a fun and easy way to learn about the culture of that time. Sayohime's comical performance vividly conveyed the hilarity of the characters' dialogue, eliciting frequent laughter from the culturally diverse audience.

Afterward, she led a rakugo workshop and question-and-answer session, where participants practiced some of the unique gestures used in rakugo, and had fun chatting with each other.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese comic storytelling and to mingle with peers from other parts of the world, laughing and having fun together in an online crossing of cultures.

Event participants and KIZUNA tutors with Sayohime (English rakugo performer)

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