KIZUNA hosts online 'Tanabata' ornament-making workshop, "Wish Upon the Stars" (10 July 2020)

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Student Lounge KIZUNA's online event for July 2020 was a Tanabata ornament-making workshop, held Friday the 10th under the title of "Wish Upon the Stars".

The gathering began with self-introductions by KIZUNA tutors and participants. The tutors then spoke about the history of the Tanabata star festival, performing a short play depicting the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Afterwards, following the tutors' instructions, participants worked with colorful pieces of paper to each make two ornaments to decorate a bamboo stalk: a "Japanese lantern" and a "shell for good harvest". They then wrote their wishes on strips of paper, which are believed to come true when hung on the bamboo.

The event also offered an opportunity for cross-cultural communication, as participants discussed their countries' own versions of Tanabata and other festivals with similar features.

The workshop provided a great opportunity for all to make new friends from all over the world, as well as to deepen their understanding of Tanabata culture, while staying at home in their own countries.

KIZUNA tutors and participants with their finished tanabata ornaments

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