Kyoto-EHESS 'cotutelle' double-doctorate program launches

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In April 2020, the KyotoU School of Letters and the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales, or EHESS), France, jointly launched a cotutelle (double-doctoral-degree) program.

EHESS is a world-leading research institution in the humanities and social sciences (HSS), and Europe's largest HSS graduate school enrolling around 2,000 PhD students. EHESS and KyotoU concluded an MoU in 2015, and have since been collaborating in fields such as sociology, economics, law, Asian studies, and African studies.

In the cotutelle program, participants will belong to both KyotoU and EHESS as regular PhD students, and conduct research under the co-supervision of faculty from the two institutions. Each student is required to submit one dissertation to both schools, and will receive two degrees after passing a joint review and completing the necessary administrative procedures at KyotoU and EHESS. For KyotoU, the program is the third of its kind and the first in HSS.

While contributing to KyotoU's ongoing efforts to accelerate the international mobility of HSS students and early-career researchers, the cotutelle program enables the participating students to conduct advanced research using resources from both institutions, and to gain international experiences that can potentially broaden their career horizons. The program is also anticipated to facilitate academic collaboration between the two institutions, as their researchers work together as co-supervisors.

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