KIZUNA hosts an origami workshop, "Folding Paper, Making Together!” (23 June 2020)

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On Tuesday 23 June, Student Lounge KIZUNA hosted an origami (paper folding) workshop online as its second event of the month. An origami workshop is one of the most popular of KIZUNA's annual events, and this year featured instructions and demonstrations by the lounge's own tutors.

Using their own favorite sheets of colored and patterned paper, participants first worked on a "simple paper crane" as an introductory project. They then went on to tackle an innovative "smartphone cradle" and a " kabuto warrior helmet", the latter of which is popular as a Japanese-style ornament.

During the break, the students engaged in cross-cultural communication as they introduced the cultures of their respective home countries.

The event provided a great opportunity for all to experience the traditional art form and make new friends from all over the world, while staying at home in their own countries.

Participants and KIZUNA tutors with their origami creations

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