KIZUNA hosts online event, KI-ZU-NA Student Crossing! (30 April 2020)

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KIZUNA's April 2020 event, held on Thursday the 30th, was the student lounge's first-ever online gathering, KI-ZU-NA Student Crossing!

The chat session began with self-introductions by the participants and ice-breaking, where each asked a casual question to be answered by one of the others, such as "What did you have for dinner yesterday?", "What is your favorite movie?", "What is your favorite snack?", and "What is your favorite country?" Following this, they each shared their tips for enjoying time at home. Many of these involved the use of streaming services and social media, for activities such as watching dramas and movies, and following recipe tutorial videos to prepare meals. Participants also shared their ideas for staying active without going out: practicing yoga, dancing, and music using specific instruction videos. Another popular topic was what sweets each student likes to snack on while chatting online.

The event, the very first to be planned and held online by student tutors (OAs), offered a great opportunity for international students to connect with each other while staying at home.

KIZUNA tutors and participants

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