KIZUNA hosts "Let's Make 'Dalgona' Coffee at Home" online (15 June 2020)

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The KIZUNA event for June 2020 was a dalgona coffee-making workshop, held online Monday the 15th. Dalgona coffee is a cappuccino-like beverage that has taken the internet by storm because it is simple to make at home.

The event began with self-introductions by student tutors and participants. The tutors then introduced a special recipe, the first step of which is to make whipped coffee by shaking the ingredients in a plastic bag to music. Participants continued working with their bags until the content became frothy and fluffy. This was then poured into a glass of milk, after which participants toasted each other's success.

The students then enjoyed cross-cultural communication over glasses of dalgona coffee as if they were in a café. Among the topics discussed were recommended cafés and coffee shops in Kyoto, which is well-known as Japan's top coffee-consuming city.

The event provided a great opportunity for all to make new friends from all over the world while staying at home in their respective countries.

Making a toast with homemade dalgona coffee

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