Energy Science Short Program for Undergraduates (14-24 January 2020)

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Organized jointly by the KyotoU Graduate School of Energy Science and the ASEAN University Network (AUN), the "Winter Seminar on Human Security Development and Energy Science" took place from 14 to 24 January 2020 with 25 undergraduate students participating from ten AUN member universities. The seminar was carried out as an "Energy Science Short Program for Undergraduates", one of the Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Programs supported by Kyoto University.

The curriculum featured ten lectures "Bioenergy" , "Global Energy Situation" , "Energy Efficiency" , "Energy Storage" , "Solar Energy" , "Wind Energy" , "Energy Grid", "Biomass Conversion Technology", "Hydrogen Energy" , and "Light Energy Conversion Technology" — in addition to a workshop on "Energy and Sustainability" . These were delivered by teaching staff from the Graduate School of Energy Science and the KyotoU Institute of Advanced Energy.

Other activities included field trips to two energy-related facilities in Nara Prefecture the Yoshino biomass power station , operated by Clean Energy Co Ltd , and the micro-hydropower generation facility at the Gose wastewater purification plant where participants learned about the state of renewable energy utilization and environmental i nitiatives in Japan.

T he students worked in five groups throughout the seminar, engaging in a debate and regular discussions, and making presentations. For the final day, each group was given the task of estimating the energy requirements of a hypothetical country in 2030 and developing a plan to build a power generation system to serve these needs.

The program also included cultural activities in Kyoto and Uji, as well as opportunities to engage in multinational and multidisciplinary discussions on human security, energy, environment, and other topics of interest.

Lecture on hydrogen energy

Field trip to the Gose water purification plant

Field trip to the Yoshino biomass power station

"Energy and Sustainability" workshop

Cultural tour

Final presentation

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