'Origami' workshop as a cultural exchange event held at Uji Campus (12 December 2019)

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On 12 December, the Office for International Joint Usage/Research Center, a part of the Uji Administration Office, held an Origami Workshop, a cultural exchange event aimed at promoting friendship among Uji Campus students and researchers across nationalities, ages, and fields of study. The venue was the Cultural Exchange Space, one of the common-use facilities available to the Uji community.

The event began with an introduction to origami, where the office staff showed several finished samples to the participants: nine students and researchers of various affiliations and nationalities. Seated at three separate tables, participants first worked on a beginner-friendly kabuto helmet. Each chose a favorite colored and patterned sheet of paper, and folded it following the staff's step-by-step guidance. Many struggled at first, but everyone eventually produced an exquisite piece, drawing cheers and applause from the others.

Participants then went on to work on several other models, such as boxes and cranes, and afterwards enjoyed cross-cultural exchange over sugoroku (dice-based board game) using the finished pieces, which they took home as souvenirs.

The event provided a great opportunity for all to experience the traditional Japanese art form and to get to know each other. The Office for International Joint Usage/Research Center intends to continuously offer cultural exchange opportunities to the campus' international community on a regular basis.

Workshop in progress

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