IPB University rector visits KyotoU (28 November 2019)

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On 28 November, a six-member delegation from Institut Pertanian Bogor (also known as  IPB University or Bogor Agricultural University), Indonesia, paid a courtesy visit to Kyoto University. The group was led by Rector Arif Satria, and included Professor Anas Miftah Fauzi, dean of the Graduate School, and  Professor Ernan Rustiadi, head of the Center for Regional System Analysis, Planning, and Development. Professor Ernan Rustiadi was visiting Kyoto to attend the Kyoto University International Symposium on Education and Research in Global Environmental Studies in Asia, held from 26 to 28 November.

At KyotoU, the IPB officials first visited the Graduate School of Agriculture, where they were greeted by Professor Mamoru Kanzaki and other faculty. They then met with Professors Michihisa Iida and Naoshi Kondo, of the Laboratories of Field Robotics and Bio-Sensing Engineering, respectively, who briefed the visitors on their research and guided them around their facilities.

Afterwards, the IPB delegation moved to the Clock Tower Centennial Hall's guest reception room for a meeting with five senior KyotoU officials, including: Dr Kayo Inaba, executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and public relations; Dr Akira Murakami, dean of the Graduate School of Agriculture; Dr Shinya Funakawa, dean of the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES); and Dr Eiji Nawata, director of the Kyoto University ASEAN Center. The representatives from the two institutions were joined in the meeting by six student observers, who were enrolled in the IPB-KyotoU double-degree program or otherwise connected to IPB. They introduced their respective research and education programs, and discussed ways to further strengthen their partnership. The session was followed by a gift exchange, photo shoot, and lunch.

KyotoU and IPB University have a history of close research and education collaboration, with the former opening a satellite office at the latter in 2015.  In 2018, the two universities launched a double-degree program and co-hosted an international symposium. The same year also saw President Juichi Yamagiwa making an official visit to IPB University. Both sides anticipate this partnership will continue to grow over the coming years.

Meeting at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall

Meeting participants (Rector Arif at the sixth from the left)

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