KIZUNA presents moss ball workshop (19 September 2019)

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Student Lounge KIZUNA's September 2019 event was a moss ball workshop, held on Thursday the 19th with instruction provided by staff from Hanakobo Co, Ltd.

Participants first chose a plant from one of two species: the common ivy ( Hedera helix ) or the bichetii grass ( Chlorophytum comosum ). They then wrapped soil around the plants' roots, shaping them into balls with their hands. Once this was done, they covered the soil balls with moss, bound them with yarn to maintain their shape, and finally decorated them with kumihimo (braided cords). As the workshop concluded, participants took their moss balls home to enjoy how they change with the season.

The event provided a precious chance for international students to learn basic bonsai techniques and experience traditional Japanese gardening, while also getting to know each other.

Covering soil balls with moss

Participants with their moss-covered soil balls

Decorating moss balls

Finished moss balls

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