ABU Robocon 2019 concludes with KyotoU team winning Best Design Award (25 August 2019)

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On 25 August, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Association (ABU) Robocon 2019 Ulaanbaartar competition took place at Buyant Ukhaa Sport Palace, located in Mongolia's capital city, with 17 teams from 15 countries and one territory taking part.

Kikai Kenkyu Kai (also known as Kikaiken and Mechatronics Creators ), Kyoto University's officially recognized extracurricular robot development club, represented Japan for the very first time. The team successfully advanced past the group stage to the knockout round, where it lost a close competition with a Mongolian team, who subsequently went on to take second place. This resulted in Kikaiken finishing in the top eight.

Kikaiken's robot, built on innovative ideas, received the Best Design Award, which recognizes excellence in both looks and functionality. This marked the first time in 15 years that the award went to a Japanese team. The students also took home the Nagase Award, presented by one of the competition sponsors.

Kikaiken team members

The award certificate and trophies presented to Kikaiken

Kikaiken competing at the ABU Robocon 2019