Zhejiang University School of Medicine's vice dean visits Faculty of Medicine (29 March 2019)

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On 29 March, a nine-member delegation from Zhejiang University, headed by Professor Xu Zhengping, vice dean of the School of Medicine, and Professor Liang Tingbo, dean of the First Affiliated Hospital, visited the KyotoU Faculty of Medicine for a meeting with several professors including Dr Kazuhiro Iwai, dean of the Graduate School of Medicine, and Dr Nobuya Inagaki, director of Kyoto University Hospital.

Kyoto University and Zhejiang University have become active partners over the past several years, having concluded an academic exchange agreement in 2003 and a student exchange agreement in 2008.

At the 29 March meeting, the two sides exchanged  views on a wide range of topics, including translational medicine, hospital management, medical student clinical training, and possibilities for future cooperation.

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