To all persons currently living in the Yoshida-Ryo

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Kyoto University's "Plan for the Yoshida-Ryo" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan") was finalized and announced today. The University requests all persons who are living in the Yoshida-Ryo to confirm the following:

Only students, who satisfy the conditions in B. (1) of the Plan, will be permitted to live in the new Yoshida-Ryo building from now on. Others are not permitted to live in the new Yoshida-Ryo building.
The University shall provide students who satisfy the conditions in B. (1) (a) of the Plan, and who wish to move to alternative accommodation, with alternative accommodation under the given conditions.
Prior to and after the announcement of "the Basic Policy to Ensure the Safety of Yoshida-Ryo Resident Students" in December 2017, a group of resident students, who engaged in inappropriate activities using the name "the Yoshida-Ryo Resident Student Association", were subject to a court order (an order of provisional disposition prohibiting transfer of possession), which was executed on 17 January 2019. In consideration of the inappropriate activities and behavior of those students, including attempts to increase the number of students living in the old Yoshida-Ryo building although it is in a very dangerous condition, the University cannot conduct discussions with those students as part of the development process of the Plan (as described in C. of the Plan) until they rectify their behavior in a way which facilitates the responsible autonomous management of the dormitory.

12 February 2019
Shinsuke Kawazoe
Vice-President for Welfare and Guidance

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