KUIAS hosts public symposium "KYOTO Science Session 2018" (17 September 2018)

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On 17 September, the Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS) held a public symposium, "KYOTO Science Session 2018 — Let's Talk about the World of Science" , at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall.

The event opened with an address from KUIAS Director-General and Distinguished Professor Shigefumi Mori (algebraic geometry), with additional remarks from KyotoU President Juichi Yamagiwa. The first part was a forum entitled "What is KUIAS?", featuring the institute's world-leading cutting-edge researchers: Director-General Mori, Deputy Director-General and Distinguished Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa (primatology), Deputy Director-General and Distinguished Professor Tasuku Honjo (molecular immunology), Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) Director and Distinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa (inorganic chemistry), Invited Distinguished Professor Takeo Kanade (artificial intelligence), and Director of the KUIAS Center for Advanced Study Professor Yasuaki Hiraoka. With a science navigator moderating, the speakers outlined KUIAS's aims and ongoing activities and presented their own latest achievements using video clips.

The second part was a talk session entitled "Let's Talk with KUIAS About Science". The speakers answered audience questions, and discussed the joys of science based on their experiences. They also offered words of encouragement to the high school students in attendance. The session featured an audience response system, which enabled the speakers and attendees to discuss science together, with comments and responses displayed on stage.

The audience numbered around 500, including university students, researchers, educators, members of the general public, and approximately 150 high school students. The organizers hope that by showcasing the University's research environment and other features, it will help cultivate greater interest in the world of science among all generations, especially future scientists.

President Yamagiwa (left) and KUIAS Director-General Mori delivering opening remarks

Talk session

KUIAS Director-General Mori

KUIAS Deputy Director-General Matsuzawa

KUIAS Deputy Director-General Honjo

iCeMS Director Kitagawa

Invited Distinguished Professor Kanade

Center for Advanced Study Director Hiraoka