Kyoto University Original Co Ltd launches (1 June 2018)

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On 1 June, Kyoto University established a wholly owned subsidiary, Kyoto University Original Co, Ltd, as a special type of corporation that only Designated National Universities can invest in.

Koto University Original is dedicated to 1) sharing the University's research outcomes with industry and other sectors, thereby maximizing the institution's social value, and 2) investing the revenues from these activities to upgrade the University's research capabilities, so as to build a foundation for new knowledge.

Speaking to reporters, Shinji Asonuma, Kyoto University's executive vice-president for industry-government-academia collaboration, discussed the details and significance of the "KyotoU Model" of industry-government-academia collaboration, as well as the new subsidiary's founding history and role in this model.

Kyoto University Original's president Hitoshi Miyai then presented an overview of the company and its businesses. He explained that in response to the recent trends in multisector collaboration, Kyoto University Original aims to act as a producer, coordinator, and communicator between academia and other sectors. This is in effort to ensure that KyotoU researchers can continue to freely engage in basic research in accordance with the University's Mission Statement, and that the resulting knowledge is discovered by industry and society.

Kyoto University Original's core business areas are 1) consulting and 2) training and education. In the former, the focus is on matching the University's technological "seeds" with industrial needs, and showcasing such technologies to prospective users through special events. The latter includes training courses for corporate executives and other professionals, along with public seminars on subjects such as science, technology, culture, and arts. Kyoto University Original aims to keep a close look at stakeholder needs as it seeks to offer the University's technological resources to industry and society in ways that are both effective and visible.

EVP Asonuma and President Miyai

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