2018 President's Award Ceremony (19 March 2018)

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On 19 March, Kyoto University hosted a ceremony to honor the recipients of the 2017 KyotoU President’s Award. The award recognizes students who have contributed to the University's goal of excellence through outstanding achievements in scholarship, extracurricular activities, or public service.

The 2017 Awards garnered 23 nominees, and was conferred on four individuals for scholarly achievements, two individuals and three groups for extracurricular activities, and one group for public service

Award committee chairman Dr Shinsuke Kawazoe, executive vice-president for student affairs and library services, opened the ceremony by reporting on the 2017-2018 selection process. President Juichi Yamagiwa then presented each winner with a certificate and commemorative gift, before sharing his thoughts on the recognized achievements.

After a photo session, the awardees delivered presentations, responding to numerous questions from President Yamagiwa and EVP Kawazoe. These were followed by a meet-and-greet, where participants got to know each other in an amicable atmosphere.

Presentation by Kaichi Yanaoka, author of several papers published in prominent psychology journals

Shun Fujii, third-place category winner in the 18th Osaka International Music Competition

Presentation by members of Wild Idea, recognized for their AED awareness activities

Award recipients, university officials, and other ceremony attendees

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