Yezin Agricultural University's Rector visits GSAIS (12 July 2017)

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On 12 July, two senior officials from Yezin Agricultural University (YAU), Myanmar -- Dr Myo Kywe, Rector, and Dr Aye Aye Myint, head of the Department of Animal Science -- visited the Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS, or "Shishu-Kan") for a meeting with faculty and students. YAU is a supporter of GSAIS' Myanmar-based internship program, and concluded a university-level academic exchange agreement with Kyoto U the previous day.

The meeting opened with the master of ceremonies, GSAIS Program-Specific Professor Senichi Kimura, introducing all attendees, followed by Dr Shiyuuichi Kawai, also a GSAIS program-specific professor, outlining the school's educational philosophy and other features. Associate Professor Hiroaki Isobe then presented on his unique interdisciplinary projects -- one involving the analysis of "Past Solar Activities Based on Historical Documents" and another lecture on the study of "Space Development and its Ethics, and Associated Social Issues".

The next presenter was Pang Yunian, a third-year GSAIS student, who shared his experiences of the 2016-2017 Myanmar-based internship program using images and videos. Other students followed by introducing themselves and their research projects.

Finally, Rector Kywe delivered a speech, and engaged in a lively discussion and Q&A with GSAIS faculty and students, further contributing to the two universities' mutual understanding.

From left: YAU Rector Kywe, GSAIS' Associate Professor Isobe, Program-Specific Professors Kimura and Kawai, and Mr Pang

Mr Pang presenting on the 2016-2017 internship program held in Myanmar

YAU's Dr Myint (left) and Rector Kywe taking part in a discussion

A GSAIS student discussing his research

Associate Professor Isobe presenting on his interdisciplinary projects

Meeting attendees