RISH inviting applications for collaborative research using MU Rader and EAR

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As a Joint Usage/Research Center, Kyoto University's Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) is promoting the use of its large-scale equipment and facilities as well as associated databases for research collaboration.

RISH is currently accepting applications for collaborative research projects that utilize its middle and upper atmosphere radar (MU Radar) and Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR), as outlined below.

Category 1

  • Collaborative research at the Shigaraki MU Observatory and/or Equatorial Atmosphere Observatory
  • Collaborative research based on data obtained using the MU Rader and/or EAR

Usage period

1 December 2017 through 31 May 2018

Application deadline

Friday 15 September 2017

Category 2

  • Campaign observation (extensive observation using the MU Radar)

Usage period

June 2018 through May 2019

Application deadline

Friday 12 January 2018

Further details

Program details and application guidelines (PDF)

Further details are available on the following webpage:

How to apply

Complete and email the "Application form" (Word file) and "Attachment form" (Excel file), both of which can be downloaded from the following Web page, to the address provided below:

Where to apply

Research Collaboration Division, Administration Office, Uji Campus, Kyoto University
Email: mu+ear*rish.kyoto-u.ac.jp (replace * with @)
Phone: 0774-38-3352